Ladies Mini Getaways

What's cheaper than therapy and better than a quick lunch?

A Girlfriend Getaway with your best girlfriends.

Strengthen Your Friendships


Shared adventures strengthen friendships. Setting aside girls-only time will allow you and your friends the chance to relax and enjoy one another.

Whether it's shopping, the beach, or a pampered spa day, Cup and Saucer is the perfect place to plan your Ladies getaway.

Take a break from your job, your kids and daily grind to catch up with your BFFs on a girlfriend getaways.

Enjoy a relaxing getaway surrounded by the fresh country air and tranquil setting of the Village of Pigeon Lake.

Not only for Ladies

Whether you're a couple who wants to enjoy a romantic getaway, an avid golfer who wants to take some time to enjoy the many golf course in the area, we have the perfect getaway packages for you.

Great for a short getaway or an extended vacations, our all season bed and breakfast offers a variety of recreational activities for all ages and activity levels.

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